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Image of a nightguard at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTWhen you wake up in the morning, is your mouth sore? Do you hear weird sounds coming from your mouth, such as cracking, popping or squeaking? If you do, there’s a reason for all of those noises, and it’s related to your sleeping patterns. In fact, your mouth can make enough noise to sound like a gunshot - it’s that loud. If you’re not sure why you have a sore jaw, or why your mouth makes weird noises, let Roth Family Dentistry take a minute of your time to tell you about fixing your noisy mouth with a night guard.

Mouth Noises

If you have a partner, he or she may have let you know that your mouth makes weird noises. They may have noticed that your mouth pops, cracks, grinds, or squeaks while you’re sleeping. Although it sounds weird, there is a simple explanation for all of those weird noises. They are happening because you are clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep at night. In addition to all of that popping and cracking noise your partner is hearing, you may also have tooth and jaw pain, pain in your ears and sinus, or you may even chip or crack a tooth. Tiny cracks can appear on the surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth will begin to wear down faster as well. They may look thinner or flatter, and they may end suddenly rather than tapering.

You might also notice that your jaw muscles ache, or they feel really tired. This happens because you are grinding your teeth every night, or you’re clenching them. Because your mouth muscles spread out from your jaw like a fan, you could also suffer from headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain. You might not be sleeping soundly either, and experts have found that people who grind their teeth don’t sleep as well as people who don’t grind their teeth.

Mouth Guards to the Rescue

If you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night, there is help. We can fix your tooth grinding issues fairly quickly and easily by having you wear a mouthguard. You wear your mouthguard at night, so it’s called a night guard. Just like the sports guard you wear when you are physically active. Your night guard will help to make sure you don’t clench or grind your teeth while you’re sleeping. You will sleep more soundly, and you will notice that your pain, soreness, stiffness and achiness go away as well.

Night guards work to distribute the energy from you clenching and grinding your teeth through your whole mouth, so your teeth don’t get hurt. There are also night guards that prevent you from clenching or grinding your teeth at all. If you are worried that you may also have sleep apnea, there are night guards that will protect your teeth and move your jaw forward so that you continue to breathe freely when you sleep.

If you have questions about how night guards can help you sleep better and have fewer headaches, why not give Roth Family Dentistry a call at 406-728-2745? Let us talk to you about which night guards might be best for you. Just think, you’ll be able to sleep - and so will your partner.
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If you have questions about how a nightguard can help you sleep better and have fewer headaches, why not give Roth Family Dentistry a call today?
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