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Oral Surgery - Extractions

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache who needs a tooth extraction from Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTHaving a tooth extracted can be a necessary procedure at any age for several reasons. Wisdom teeth are the most common reason people must have a tooth extracted. They can cause pain and discomfort when there is not enough room for them in your mouth. However, wisdom tooth extraction is only one of many reasons you may need a tooth removed. Excessive tooth decay, an infection from periodontal disease, and overcrowding are several other common reasons our staff at Roth Family Dentistry may recommend a tooth extraction.

When Is an Extraction Necessary?

Having a tooth extracted is not the first solution our staff gravitates toward when it comes to finding a solution for an oral health problem. However, it may be required if no other solution is viable in your case. Tooth decay may require the tooth be extracted when it reaches too deep into your tooth. Children who have baby teeth for too long may require an extraction to help the permanent tooth come in. If you need braces, you may need teeth removed to help make room for your teeth to straighten and align correctly. Infections surrounding the tooth or bone may also mean an extraction if the tooth is no longer viable. There are many reasons that our staff may have no other option but to extract a tooth.

The Preparation Process for a Tooth Extraction

If we have determined that a tooth extraction is necessary, we will take a few steps to prepare for the procedure. First, we will need to take an x-ray of your tooth to determine its length, position, and shape as well as to see the surrounding bone. This will help us determine the level of difficulty associated with the extraction and determine if it can be done in-office or if we need to refer you to an oral surgeon.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures. Our examination will allow us to determine which is the best option for you. There is either a simple extraction or a surgical extraction.

A simple extraction is usually performed when the tooth is healthy and visible. We will place you under a local anesthetic, which will remove discomfort and pain, but you will still feel pressure during the procedure. After the anesthetic has settled and you are completely numb, we will use a dental tool called an elevator. An elevator allows us to loosen the tooth before removing it with dental forceps. After the tooth is removed, we may suture the area or prescribe you an antibiotic if we think there is a high risk of infection.

A surgical extraction is more complex than a simple extraction. This is often recommended when your tooth is broken off below the gumline, is not erupted or has not fully erupted, or is unhealthy and weak. This process will require either local anesthetic or intravenous (IV) anesthesia, which may involve either putting you to sleep or using general anesthesia. If you require an IV anesthesia, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment or we will ask you to stay until the anesthesia wears off.

Once you have been placed under an anesthetic, we will probably make a small incision into your gum to remove the tooth as well as any bone that may be impeding the extraction. Afterwards, you are sutured up and may be prescribed antibiotics.

Our staff is trained to help provide the smoothest tooth extraction procedure possible. If you feel you may need to have a tooth extracted, contact our experienced staff at Roth Family Dentistry by calling 406-728-2745.
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If you feel you may need to have a tooth extracted, contact our experienced staff at Roth Family Dentistry.
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