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Sports Guard
Missoula, MT

Sweaty boy with sports guard in his mouth after visit to Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTMouthguards are dental protective devices worn over the top row of teeth during sports to prevent a mouth injury. Sports guards safeguard against fractured or broken teeth, split lips, shattered jaws, and other oral injuries. For athletes who wear bridges or any other dental prostheses, dental mouth guards are also recommended. Mouthguards are essential for athletes participating in sports activities involving flying gear, falling, and body contact. Activities like football, skateboarding, gymnastics, biking, and hockey may require a mouthguard while participating. Please schedule an appointment with us at to find out more about sports guards.

Common Types of Mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are mostly made of PVC, ethylene, or polyurethane and made ready to use and in different sizes. They are thought to be the most unfavorable because they offer too little protection against injuries. They might not fit well and are bulky, and for this, they make it difficult to talk or breathe. Custom-made mouthguards are custom fashioned in the laboratory on an imprint taken by a dentist. They are typically made of a thermoplastic matter heated in a vacuum or under pressure and then placed over the casting. Custom-made mouthguards are thought of as the most ideal in offering the most protection. Boil and bite mouthguards are other pre-formed types that could be altered. They essentially provide better protection than stock sports guards. The thermoplastic material is boiled, and the rim is placed on the teeth and bitten down for a more custom fit. However, they are more prone to damage than custom-made mouth guards.

Everything You Should Know About Mouthguards

Mouthguards essentially function as shock absorbers for any facial impact force. It cushions your mouth from traumatic injury. Unless an athlete has any dental prostheses, sports mouthguards are only worn on the top teeth. Custom-made braces for athletes with dental restorations help with comfort and breathing and protect the prostheses. It is crucial to replace mouth guards often, depending on how much they are used. Sport guards should be cleaned often, as they are excellent breeding areas for microorganisms. Oral injuries can be traumatizing and require additional procedures like bone grafting and implants to replace knocked-out teeth. Emergency dental trauma services are expensive compared to purchasing a mouth guard, a cheaper preventative option than going to the ER for an oral injury. Mouthguards should be cleaned after every use and stored in an airtight container to prevent bacteria from breeding on them. All in all, it is crucial to get the best mouthguard that will perfectly fit your teeth. Avoid stock mouth guards and generic mouth guards as they are easily prone to wear and tear and do not offer the best protection to the teeth. Athletes should also handle their mouth guards with care to prevent bending and warping as they are made out of plastic and could be uncomfortable and loose when distorted. It is also important to avoid clenching and grinding your teeth on your sports guards to ensure they last a long time. Visit us to get your custom athletic mouth guard at Roth Family Dentistry or call us via 406-728-2745 to book an appointment with Dr. Roth at our office.
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