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Sports Guard
Missoula, MT

Sweaty boy with sports guard in his mouth after visit to Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTSports and other outdoor activities are healthy and encouraged for both mental and physical wellness. There are tools, equipment, and training to help you be successful in these endeavors. Depending on what you’re doing, you may wear a helmet, knee pads, or other protective gear. Have you considered a sports guard to protect your teeth? About 10% of all sports injuries are related to teeth, and another 10% are related to concussions. Wearing a customized sports guard can lower these risks and protect you from mouth injury and decrease the impact of concussion. At Roth Family Dentistry we can customize a mouthguard or sports guard to fit your needs.

A sports guard, or mouthguard, is a silicone device of protective gear that is designed to fit snugly over your teeth. This provides a layer of silicone between your top and bottom jaw and between your outer cheek and jaw. The silicone layer provides two points of protection:
•  Cushion: The layer of silicone puts an additional layer of cushion before contact with the teeth and jaw.
•  Spreads Impact: The silicone layer allows the energy of an impact to travel through all of the teeth as opposed to one point of impact. Studies have shown that this can decrease concussions.

Why Create a Customized Sports Guard?

There are various styles of sports guards and mouthguards available for store purchase, so why should you consider getting a customized one? The simple answer is because then you, or your child, will wear it. There are two types of store-bought mouthguards, there is a one size fits all style and a customize-it-yourself style. Both of these options will leave you with a sports guard, or mouthguard, that does not fit properly, will be bulky and uncomfortable. The odds of choosing to not wear an uncomfortable device are high.

We can customize your sports guard to fit your mouth. We don’t offer a one size fits all option, we create a mold of your mouth and send the mold to a dental lab for fabrication. Your mouthguard will feel comfortable because it was made to fit correctly. A comfortable mouthguard dramatically increases the likelihood of wearing it. It can remove that struggle with your child because it won’t be bulky.

What Sports and Activities Should Include a Sports Guard?

It is estimated that about five million teeth get knocked out every year engaging in sports and outdoor activities. Many of those teeth include primary teeth of younger children, but even losing a tooth too soon may not be ideal. You can protect your teeth, and your child’s teeth, with a simple sports guard.

Sports and activities including those listed below would benefit from the addition of a sports guard:
•  Bike Riding
•  Skateboarding
•  Rollerblading
•  Soccer
•  Basketball
•  Baseball
•  Football
•  Hockey
•  Lacrosse
•  Volleyball and more…

We invite you to learn more about sports guards, mouthguards, and how this simple device can save you pain and time in the dental chair. For more information, contact our Missoula office at 406-728-2745.
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Sports Guard | Roth Family Dentistry | Missoula, MT dentist
We invite you to learn more about sports guards, mouthguards, and how this simple device can save you pain and time in the dental chair.
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