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Dental Bonding
Missoula, MT

Woman smiling after dental work at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTIf you have a tooth that is either chipped, cracked, decayed, or discolored, you may want a quick solution to fix it. If the damage is not too severe, our team at Roth Family Dentistry can provide you with professional tooth bonding. This is an ideal solution since it is not an invasive surgery and can give you the results you need.

What Is Tooth Bonding?

When you experience minor chips or cracks from an impact to your tooth, have severe discoloration that teeth whitening cannot fix, or have mild tooth decay that requires a small portion of the tooth to be removed, you may want a quick solution to fix it. Our staff can use tooth bonding to apply a small amount of composite resin to the surface of your tooth that will harden and restore your tooth to normal. This is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic procedure that we can complete in a single visit.

What Types of Damage Can Bonding Fix?

Our staff may recommend a tooth bonding procedure if you were recently struck in the face or tooth, causing a small chip or crack on the surface of your tooth. However, this is not the only reason tooth bonding treatment may be used. If you suffer from discoloration and we determine professional whitening cannot fix it, we may suggest tooth bonding. The procedure can also be used if you have a large space between your teeth but do not want braces. If you are uncomfortable with your tooth’s shape or want to lengthen your teeth without going through invasive surgeries, tooth bonding can also fix those issues.

What Is the Procedure?

When performing a tooth bonding procedure, our staff will first match a composite resin filling with the shade of your natural teeth. We will attempt to match it exactly, but there might be a slight difference in the shade if we cannot do an exact match. The surface of your tooth is then roughened, and a conditioning liquid is coated onto the surface of the tooth. This will help the bonding material stick to your teeth more easily, which is important in this procedure.

After your tooth has been properly prepared for this procedure, our team will begin placing the composite resin putty on your teeth. We will mold and shape it to look like your surrounding teeth since we want it to look as natural as possible. Afterward, a laser or ultraviolet light is used to harden the composite resin. We will look at the results and apply finishing touches to it, such as shaping it to improve the look and adding polish to it.

This procedure is relatively quick compared to most other dental procedures and takes around 30 minutes to complete. However, if you have multiple teeth that need bonding, we will usually only do one or two at a time and have you schedule another visit to finish the treatment. This procedure does not require any anesthetic, so you can leave immediately following the procedure and resume your daily activities.

If you think a tooth bonding procedure is an ideal solution for your, our staff at Roth Family Dentistry can provide you with an assessment and successful procedure. Call our experienced staff today at 406-728-2745 to schedule an appointment.
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