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Multiple Tooth Implant
Missoula, MT

Woman looking at her smile in a mirror at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTWe use tooth implants, or dental implants, to serve as an artificial titanium root following the loss of teeth. The implant is a titanium rod that is placed into the mandibular or maxillary bone. After placement, the bone integrates around the threads of the implant fusing the implant to the bone creating a solid structure. We are then able to place partial or total dental prostheses on them including a dental crown, bridge, or denture. If you are missing a tooth, several of them, or even all of your teeth, we can offer a permanent solution that looks and functions like your natural teeth. Schedule a consultation and we can let you know if you are a good candidate for dental implants at Roth Family Dentistry.

Multiple Tooth Implant Functionality

Missing teeth that are not restored will be the cause of multiple problems, including how you chew, what you chew, the positioning of neighboring teeth and bone loss. Dental implants are used to improve both chewing or occlusal function, and your overall oral health. Restoring missing teeth is beneficial to avoid problems including:
•  Chewing Problems: Ideally, we want each tooth to play its designed role in the chew and breaking down of food in your mouth. When teeth are missing, there is an uneven balance in how and what you chew. Restoring missing teeth is best for your bite.
•  Phonological Problems: Your speech relies on the positioning of your teeth. Missing teeth may allow air to escape through gaps altering your speech, it may even add a whistle as you speak or make it difficult to make certain sounds.
•  Jaw Bone Problems: Our jaw bone, like all of our bones, rely on motion to keep it healthy. Our jaw gets this motion through the transfer of energy from our teeth through the root to the bone. When a tooth is missing, so is that root connection, meaning even a false tooth is not helpful without the root. Tooth implants serve as that root, transferring the energy needed.
•  Malocclusion Problems: Missing teeth leaves gaps in our mouth, and room for neighboring teeth to shift out of alignment. This change to our bite can be problematic in our mouth. From bite issues, to changes in our jaw hinge, it can be a mess.

Multiple Missing Teeth Options

Replacing multiple missing teeth comes with a variety of options. We can discuss single implants with dental crowns, dental bridge with one or more implants to anchor it in place, or implant retained dentures. We can even retain a full arch dental bridge, replacing a full mouth of teeth, with a system known as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept.

You do not have to live with missing teeth. We can improve your look and your bite by rebuilding missing roots and providing you with a dental option that improves your oral health. For more information, contact our Missoula office at 406-728-2745.
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